hailing from Chengalpattu (Tamilnadu), graduated from the Government School of Arts and Crafts, Chennai in 1996 with a B.F.A. degree. His passion for sketching, painting, sculpting made him into a promising artist and designer par excellence. He was academically and personally trained under the guidance of renowned teachers like Mr.Adhimoolam, Mr. Munusamy, Mr.K.S.Bhaskaran et al. These eminent men were the students of the legendary teacher and principal, Dr.Alphonso.

Over a decade, Vimal has gained rich experience through independent and corporate assignments. He has proved to be a dynamic, dedicated and an accomplished performer with expertise in Painting (acrylic/oil/water), Designing and Animation. His main core involves 2D animation, 3D character texturing with development of cutting edge background matte painting and concept painting. His best feature is his capability of taking any character design idea into concept and completely bringing it to life with creative vision of transformation.

His subject expertise is well demonstrated with realistic look through Maya, Photoshop and Corel Painter. With eye for details in art, material and lighting, he has guided many clients to visualize their dream concepts to their ultimate satisfaction.

To his credit, he has successfully conducted a high level exhibition of his manual paintings in Chennai where many of his colorful pieces were sold out. He steers towards an ambitious career and continues to march on a colorful path with feathers on cap to explore new avenues in analog and digital medium.

Being a linguist, his hobbies include reading books and internet browsing besides sports. He is blessed with a blissful married life and enjoys it every moment like his art. For Vimal, his art is dear to heart.